Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Ornament

A few days before Christmas, my boyfriend and I went out looking for a "our first Christmas" ornament. We couldn't really find one we liked so we decided to find a semi-plan one and come home and use my craft supplies and decorate it together and make it our own. Well, the ornament that we go was glass, and as soon as we got in our house, the bag with the ornament in it got dropped. So, our ornament was broke...

Well, I was a little upset, but got over it quickly! I looked around my house for something that I could make an ornament out of, that would look special. I couldn't find anything.

Then, I glanced at the computer desk and saw the stack of blank Cd's. PERFECT!!!


I used paper from My Minds Eye Wonderful Winter glittered holiday paper stack and the snow flakes are from K&Company's Christmas Cheer Chipboard stickers.

I covered the label side of the CD with patterned paper. I sanded the edges to give them a finished look. Then I put a snowflake sticker in the center to cover up the hole and some writing that was in the center.

On the other side, I just put a chipboard sticker in the center to cover up the hole and I left the CD blank so the lights from the tree could reflect off of it.

We then took a sharpie and wrote messages and the date so we could remember "Our First Christmas!"

I love our ornament! I don't think a store bought ornament could be more "us."

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